INDIE CORNER: Support “Apocalyptic Dream” a Horror Otome Visual Novel in Kickstarter

A girl cursed with premonition learns before the rest of the world that an impending zombie outbreak is near. She is able to narrowly gather up a group of friends, and her twin brother, before disaster hits.

Apocalyptic Dream or ApoYume is driven by the ability to play from the POV of twins – each twin has a unique experience and lease on life, as they have drastically different personalities and ways they process their emotions.

Release Date: TBD
Developers: Midnight Springs
Publishers: Midnight Springs
Platforms:  PC (Steam,, Nintendo Switch


Mikuru, the female protagonist, is the first twin whose head you get inside of. Her dream predicting the end of the world is what spurs this adventure in the first place, and she acts as the catalyst for the story.

Toshiro, the male protagonist, has his own issues with being “different” that he largely keeps to himself, to support his sister and help her navigate through her life…and as you play as him, you will see how that has affected him and his emotional development throughout his life. 

There are 5 possible “final endings”, with several possible LI endings paired with CGs that build off of those. In total, this is over 12 ending variations.



  • The game will be ported to Steam, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Rated M for horror and ecchi scenes (No full nudity).
  • Large Cast – 19 Main Characters
  • Partial English Voice Acting by professional voice actors.
  • Up to 150K words at minimum.
  • Six track OST.
  • Up to 30 CGs.
  • Blinking animations.
  • Bonus chapters after each main chapters, revealing flashbacks and character perspectives.
  • Extra section features a CG, Character Portrait and an OST Gallery.
  • Love interest routes both for Mikuru and Toshiro.

Play the game’s demo via Cloudnovel by clicking the demo button above.

Comments: I personally enjoyed this demo myself. I played Mikuru’s POV first, and then Toshiro second. Loved the characters, especially Arisa from Toshiro’s POV!

For more information about “ApoYume” and it’s digital and physical rewards, head to their Kickstarter page now!