London Detective Mysteria – Jack Millers Walkthrough




CHAPTER 1: Whiteley in Wonderland

-I’m alright
-The second witness
(Answering above correctly will earn you: Detective Up!)

-Give it to the child
-I’d suggest he turn himself in


CHAPTER 2: A Most Precarious Afternoon Tea

-You ought to consider everyone’s feelings
-But what about you?
-Read a book


CHAPTER 3: The Very Peculiar Boy

-You haven’t taken any notes?
-I’m dripping with curiosity
-I want to get to know you better
-Write in my diary


CHAPTER 4: Jean Lupin, Gentleman Burglar

-Facts are facts. He is a criminal
-Investigate (Choose all options)

  • The safe
  • The window

-…open my eyes
-Read a book


CHAPTER 5: The Falsehood of Herlock Holmes

-Investigate (Choose all options)

  • The kitchen
  • The study
  • The stable


CHAPTER 6: When East Comes to West

-He’s not someone I’ll get on well with
-Write in my diary


CHAPTER 7: The Littlest Landlady

-I wouldn’t want to drink tea made like that
-What if the corpse had something contagious?
-Umm… are you alright?
-The stolen plate is false
-Someone close to Hudson
-Visit (Choose all options)

  • Mr. Curtis
  • Mrs. Blois
  • Mrs. Atlee

-Someone else
-Mr. Howard
-Read a book


CHAPTER 8: The Missing Man

-Why not?
-I’ll call out to them
-Classified documents for major crimes
-**Let the timer run out**
-Give Up


CHAPTER 9: A Gathering in Shambles

-Skip It!
-…silently take his hand
-…the back alley


CHAPTER 10: The Ripper in the Velvet Night


-They don’t understand life before them
-(I’m so happy)
-I should like to see the crime scene


CHAPTER 11: A Life Without You

-He would never do anything like that
-…Jack couldn’t be him


CHAPTER 12: Dear Boss

Create  Save File 1 here

-I’ll open the window
-I’ll grab Pendleton’s arm


CHAPTER 13: Before the Fog Lifts

(No Choices)


CHAPTER 14: Eternal Light

Create  Save File 2 Here 

-Place a flower and offer prayers
-Place a flower and offer prayers
-Place a flower and offer prayers
-Place a flower and offer prayers
-Place a flower and offer prayers

(Good Ending)




Load Save File 2

CHAPTER 14: Eternal Light

-Hurry On
-Hurry On
-Hurry On
-Hurry On
-Hurry On


CHAPTER 15: Honor Immortalized

(Ill-Fated Ending)




Wretched End 1:

Load Save File 1

CHAPTER 12: Dear Boss

-I can’t be certain that is Jack

(Bad End 1)


Wretched End 2:

Load Save File 1

CHAPTER 12: Dear Boss

-I’ll open the window
-I’ll jump in front of the bullet

(Bad End 2)


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