End of the Year Awards – Best and Worst of 2018

Before this year ends, I decided to squeeze in a last minute End-of-the-Year-Awards post for Best and Worst Otome content in 2018. I really just thought of this last night and figured, I should at least do a couple-o’ honorary mentions to the games I’ve fully enjoyed playing this year, as well as the ones that I didn’t lol.

A total of nine new otome games (localized) were released this year (for the Nintendo Switch and PS Vita). The following awards are only limited to console game releases in 2018, I won’t include previous ones from 2017 and further back.

  1. Hakuoki Edo Blossoms (PS Vita)
  2. Code Realize Future Blessings (PS Vita)
  3. Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (PS Vita)
  4. 7’Scarlet (PS Vita)
  5. Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk (PS Vita)
  6. Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku (Nintendo Switch)
  7. Iris School of Wizardry – Vinculum Hearts (Nintendo Switch)
  8. Kitty Love (Nintendo Switch)
  9. London Detective Mysteria (PS Vita)


Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 9.05.29 AM.png


Let’s start with the main characters. As someone who moves the plot forward, I think it’s really important for the game to have a protagonist that’s worth our time, someone we can easily understand, relate and connect to. It’s great that more game developers today are starting to realize that a heroine with a fleshed out personality is better than the typical self-insert Mary Sue.


Jed / Eiar (Hands Down!)
Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk


If there’s truly one heroine that deserves all levels of respect and appreciation, Jed would be our girl. All throughout the game, this heroine could not catch a break and took most of all the hard beating. But guess what, she handled everything to the end without even relying on others for help. She’s kind, independent, and best of all got some backbone worthy of praise.  If you’ve played PAH, you’d most definitely agree that JED is our BEST protagonist for 2018.



Emily Whiteley
London Detective Mysteria


This one is perhaps debatable but the reason I chose Emily Whiteley THE worst heroine of the bunch, is that her nosiness annoyed me to no end. Emily will deliberately stick her nose to all kinds of obvious danger, then gets rescued by either Pendleton (her faithful butler) or her love interest. She ends up in tears and apologizes only to commit the same mistakes over and over again (she does this in all routes! no kidding!). One can argue that she’s only 16 and knows no better but pfft! let’s be real, (even during the 19th century) sixteen is the adolescent age where one learns the freakin’ art of common sense! I was on the verge of dropping the game because of how aggravating Emily is but gave it another chance anyway for the sake of Jack Miller and Lupin Jr. 




Impey Barbicane
Code Realize: Future Blessings

2018-06-20-013735  As a Van Helsing bias, it pains me to not write his name as best husbando for 2018…lol But, Impey definitely stole the spotlight with his After Story in Code Realize Future Blessings. Looking back a few months ago when I first played the first (localized) Code Realize Fandisk, As much as I’ve enjoyed all of the characters’ After stories in White Rose, it was Impey’s that made me pathetically grin all the way from start to finish. Ha! (°◡°♡)



Iris School of Wizardry Vinculum Hearts


(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)
Not only does this guy have an upsetting split personality that turns him into a  murderer with a massive thirst for blood. In his endless (bad) ending, you’ll also get to discover that he’s your *cough* half-brother *cough*. Admittedly, I’ve enjoyed his route because it was dark and mysterious at the start (Plus, I loved Nobuhiko Okamato voicing him), but his ending (bad ending particularly) left a sour taste in my mouth. …and to think Iris was the game’s “true” route. ヽ( `д´*)ノ




Toshizo Hijikata
Hakuoki Edo Blossoms


Hijikata’s route was probably the most satisfying story-driven route an otome game has to offer. While other route endings in Hakuoki Edo Blossoms deviates from the Shinsengumi’s story. Hijikata remains THE Shinsengumi story to the bitter end.. and it is absolutely enthralling! Besides realizing his romantic feelings for Chizuru, his route (including his prequel in Kyoto Winds) also tells the full tale of the Shinsengumi; as the last samurais in Japan.



Cyril Grundy
Iris School of Wizardry Vinculum Hearts

2018101920422200-81E0EDFD327B7E2B19F0CB0D479724C6(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)
This route was absolutely the worst because no matter which ending you unlock and finish, Cyril ends up dying in the game leaving you husbando-less. It is pretty sad and angsty that I wouldn’t even recommend playing his route unless you’re up for some forced tears. That aside, his relationship with the heroine was also more of like a little brother than a love interest. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄;)┌




Sanosuke Harada
Hakuoki Edo Blossoms

2018-09-23-094747 (Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)
...And another Hakuoki character lol! You can tell by now how much of a die-hard Hakuoki fan I am. (laughs) To make this explanation short, Harada has the fluffiest route in Edo Blossoms. Besides him being the only character confident enough to *cough* take Chizuru to bed *cough* amidst the ongoing Boshin War, his ending was also the most endearing as Sano was finally able to get his wish of living a peaceful life with his own family after Japan’s warring period settled down.



Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku

2018100712553600-BEA6E66402D097882F0C2894299135DD(Warning: Spoilers Ahead!)
Whew! Where do I even begin with this game?! Not only this route presented really awful conflicts that don’t make any sense. Akito’s happy ending also had all the wtf moments that’ll leave you speechless. His good ending consists of you destroying the entire fox village (after choosing to seal the fox ancestor in your magatama to save Akito’s life) and Akito brings up of reviving his village by marrying you and making lots and lots of half-fox-half-human babies. lol (งಠ_ಠ)ง Gambatte?


Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 6.40.00 PM





London Detective Mysteria

I’m still salty that we never get to romance this amazing, handsome, faithful butler who’s always at the ready for Ms. Whiteley’s beck and call! (not even a backstory was given!) SIGH (–_–)



67183 OLGAR
Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk



Code Realize Future Blessings







Lovesick (7’Scarlet 2nd OP song)
This was a tough one. Although I’m usually a huge fan of Big Otomate Title’s soundtracks (such as Code Realize’s and Hakuoki’s). This year, Showtaro Morikubo won my heart with his OP song in 7’SCARLET “Lovesick” Listen to the track below! 



NONE (Most of the Switch Games are mobile ports so it’s a little unfair to compare them to original console games that have complete sets of OP and END themes).




London Detective Mysteria


As expected, XSEED always deliver great localizations with most of their visual novels (e.g. Corpse Party Series, Fate/Extella). They did an impressive job with LDM, making its translation a resounding match for its 19th-century setting.




slide_keyvisual4 Digimerce
Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku 

The game was initially released with machine translations making it almost impossible to read. The good news is that they recently uploaded a patch to fix this localization mess so it might be a little less of a crappy experience if you play this game now compared to playing it back then.




If there was one new game, I’ve fully enjoyed playing this year. It was definitely 7’SCARLET. Sure, the game has its flaws but the plot is definitely a must read and one gripping experience per se. You can read my full (spoiler free) review here.

(NOTE: I didn’t count CR Future Blessings nor Edo Blossoms off of this nominations since, Future Blessings is a fandisk of a game I already love and Edo Blossoms is the sequel (Part 2) of Hakouki Kyoto Winds, again, a game I’m already a fan of).  



Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 7.43.59 PM.png**Trust me, I still have a lot of things  I want to say and add to this post but it’s almost time to retire for the evening and enjoy the New Year fireworks with a glass of champagne! ☆⌒(>。<) I hope I can be more creative next year with these End-of-the-Year-Awards, but in the meantime, this will do for now. (´ ε ` )

7 thoughts on “End of the Year Awards – Best and Worst of 2018

  1. Omg I almost laughed out loud seeing Iris being crowned as the worst husbando, because he rly does deserve it lol. Also I’m surprised to hear they actually gave Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku an update patch to somewhat fix the translation mess 🤔 Kinda wished more localised otoge get patches to fix mistakes. Though I dunno if I should go back and replay just to see the difference lol, one fully playthrough is just enough for me 😂 don’t need to do it a second time.
    Thanks for making this post! Had a good chuckle reminiscing on 2018.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ran through Ayakoi’s prologue again… and the patch update “fixed” the machine translations to (awkward) Engrish… 😂 Lol, so yeah don’t even bother going through that hell again. T-T Hopefully they’ll do the same patch updates on other games once they hire a proper native english translator…

      Thanks for the comment! Happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, I thought I was the only one who had the displeasure of playing Mysteria’s protagonist. That girl, was pure annoyance, I couldnt even sum it up to words! I agree that 7scarlet was one of the most decent games out last year… Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tell me about it… Emily was such a let down. I nearly dropped the game because of her but figured, I’d give the other routes a chance. Ah well (*°ー°)ノ I was really expecting a lot from LDM but I guess, the game was just too overhyped?

      Hey, thanks for this comment! Happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have played the PSP Version of the game, and let me tell you, it was not that good so there’s really nothing to expect. You’re not alone thinking Mysteria was overhyped, because it literally IS! lol Lupin Jr maybe an OK route though! Have a great New year to you too!

        Liked by 1 person

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