Pinky Promises ~ Kei Okazaki Review

Visual Novel: Collar x Malice
Age: 26
Skills: Judo, Kendo, Jujitsu, English
Likes: Horror Films, Bizarre Flavoured Food, Sleeping
VA: Kaji Yuuki

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Character Background
Kei is an active police officer who works as an SP (Special Police) currently assigned to ‘protect’/ monitor Aiji Yanagi and his team. He is usually calm and collected. He plays dumb when he actually has one very sharp mind. He literally doesn’t care what others might think of him from the get go, just as long as he’s able to do his desired course of action succesfully.

Kei is an odd duck, he can fall asleep just about anywhere, collects sleeping accessories because he believes that “the quality of sleep is more important than quantity”. He has the knack of trying bizarre flavoured foods and loves his horror film/series collection. Another one peculiar habit of his, is entering the agency’s office through the window (which is a few floors high). When it comes to personality and ideals, Kei’s character is also considered the opposite to Aiji Yanagi’s. While Aiji is more of the responsible level headed type guy, Kei is one heck of a reckless abandon case.


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Somebody SAVE this guy!ヽ(`д´;)/


Relationship with the heroine
Kei Okazaki is such a sweetheart ~ it would be so hard not fall for him in his route. It was really nice of him acting as Ichika’s personal bodyguard, making sure she’s in tip-top shape and promises to ALWAYS protect her with his life and all but his motivation at first was more of like a selfishly written death wish than genuine love. I find it really distressing how this man holds very little value of his life. It’s pitiful.

Not only does he want to protect Ichika, but he specifically wants to die protecting her so that his death has meaning.


A heart pounding route that kept me at the edge of my seat, is one way to describe Kei’s story. Minus the squeeling and screaming, I’d have to say a relationship with this man is one hell of a ride and it’s infuriating (in a good way).

Admittedly, I really enjoyed this  route not because of his story (how it branched out in the game’s underlying plot) but because of Kei’s character.

Positive Points \(^▽^)/

  • Although he doesn’t act like it, Kei is very skilled in combat and probably the most reliable guy to depend on when it comes to the heroine’s safety.
  • He is stealthy which works on his advantage as an SP.
  • He’s very smart. He can read Adonis‘ train of thought in logical ways.
  • No matter the circumstances, this guy WILL protect you, come hell or high water.
  • He loves getting good quality of sleep and knows a couple of ways to relax best. The guy carries a purple eye mask in his pocket for goodness sake!
  • He’s very physical. *Internal Screaming* He loves holding hands, kisses, cuddles, making love spontaneously.
  • He’s a TEASE. (This is either a positive or negative point depending on how you look at it) In his route, he pins Ichika on the bed and suggested they make love while she’s still wearing the collar).
  • He’s ready to die for you. (Although, this can also be a negative aspect).
  • Although he hinted that he liked other people and had physical and romantic relationships before, he admittedly said that Ichika is the only one who he has ever felt THIS way towards.♥
  • He’s a sweet bean, in his route he buys Ichika a bouquet of flowers as a way of cheering her up and said it’s part of his protection duty.
  • He loves to smile, even if he’s in physical pain.
  • He’s good in dealing with teenagers. In Takeru’s route, he was able to get along well with  Ichika’s brother, Kazuki ~ that they even went to the agency’s christmas party together.
  • He’s a jealous man, which I think is adorable (although this can also be a negative factor too).
  • He’s a good senpai (to Yoshinari).
  • His vows are sacred. In his route, he initially believed that the heroine is worth dying for but in the end realized that she’s also worth living for.
  • He texts with emojis. (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
  • Out of everyone in Collar x Malice, Kei Okazaki maxes your chances of survival. Best boy (imo).


Negative Points ┐(︶▽︶)┌

  • He’s a weirdo at first glance. (He’s my lovely weirdo)
  • He sleeps just about anywhere. In back alleys, outside the detective agency, outside Ichika’s apartment, in the park.
  • Despite acting nice, Kei’s attitude can often turn harsh. He reveals early on that he would give Ichika up for the sake of his duty without blinking an eye.
  • He loves bizarre flavored food such as chocolate-covered cucumbers, sea grape marshmallows, and roe-flavored biscuits because it piques his interests.
  • He’s a harsh senpai (to Yoshinari, poor guy!)
  • He admits that he lies all the time for the sake of successfully fulfilling his SP duties. Although in his route he did have a hard time lying to the heroine.
  • He’s looking for a honorable way to die.
  • He WANTS to die for you. (︶︹︺)
  • In one of his bad endings, he wanted to commit suicide because he failed to protect the heroine.
  • He easily risks his life away for the sake of protecting someone he thinks worthy of it.
  • He’s a jealous man. He got jealous of Aiji in his after story and got peeved with Shiraishi teasing the heroine in his route.



Character Song
Out of all the character songs in Collar x Malice, Kei and Aiji’s stuck to me greatly. Kei’s theme is just so cute, i love it! Props to Yuki Kaji’s adorable singing voice.



Wait…. Did I just rated this man a perfect ten?! Oh ho ho ho
So, I may be bias on this score (cackles) but I really think Kei’s route in CxM was the steamiest! His after story made it obvious that he and Ichika probably did it more than a few times all throughout their relationship.

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  1. Is after story from CxM Unlimited? Can’t wait to get it. I love this guy so much~ xD

    Btw sorry to ask this here, but do you happen to play this in Switch? I apparently missed 1 ending, but dunno whose.. I wonder if you can help. 😅

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    1. Hey Nat!
      I played CxM both in the PS Vita and the Switch. If you’re looking for Kei’s guide in CxM, you can use this one here:

      I made this guide while playing the PSV version a few yrs back, but I’ve also used my own guide (lol) when I recently played the Switch version last month. The two ports are practically the same and I’ve unlocked all the endings in the switch just as i did in the vita. ^^


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