Pinky Promises ~ Kei Okazaki Review


Visual Novel: Collar x Malice
Age: 26
Skills: Judo, Kendo, Jujitsu, English
Likes: Horror Films, Bizarre Flavoured Food, Sleeping
VA: Kaji Yuuki

Click for his walkthrough here.
Click for Collar x Malice game review here.

Character Background
Kei is an active police officer who works as an SP (Special Police) currently assigned to ‘protect’/ monitor Aiji Yanagi and his team. He is usually calm and collected. He plays dumb when he actually has one very sharp mind. He literally doesn’t care what others might think of him from the get go, just as long as he’s able to do his desired course of action succesfully.

Kei is an odd duck, he can fall asleep just about anywhere, collects sleeping accessories because he believes that “the quality of sleep is more important than quantity”. He has the knack of trying bizarre flavoured foods and loves his horror film/series collection. Another one peculiar habit of his, is entering the agency’s office through the window (which is a few floors high). When it comes to personality and ideals, Kei’s character is also considered the opposite to Aiji Yanagi’s. While Aiji is more of the responsible level headed type guy, Kei is one heck of a reckless abandon case.


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Somebody SAVE this guy!ヽ(`д´;)/


Relationship with the heroine
Kei Okazaki is such a sweetheart ~ it would be so hard not fall for him in his route. It was really nice of him acting as Ichika’s personal bodyguard, making sure she’s in tip-top shape and promises to ALWAYS protect her with his life and all but his motivation at first was more of like a selfishly written death wish than genuine love. I find it really distressing how this man holds very little value of his life. It’s pitiful.

Not only does he want to protect Ichika, but he specifically wants to die protecting her so that his death has meaning.


A heart pounding route that kept me at the edge of my seat, is one way to describe Kei’s story. Minus the squeeling and screaming, I’d have to say a relationship with this man is one hell of a ride and it’s infuriating (in a good way).

Admittedly, I really enjoyed this  route not because of his story (how it branched out in the game’s underlying plot) but because of Kei’s character.

Positive Points \(^▽^)/

  • Although he doesn’t act like it, Kei is very skilled in combat and probably the most reliable guy to depend on when it comes to the heroine’s safety.
  • He is stealthy which works on his advantage as an SP.
  • He’s very smart. He can read Adonis‘ train of thought in logical ways.
  • No matter the circumstances, this guy WILL protect you, come hell or high water.
  • He loves getting good quality of sleep and knows a couple of ways to relax best. The guy carries a purple eye mask in his pocket for goodness sake!
  • He’s very physical. *Internal Screaming* He loves holding hands, kisses, cuddles, making love spontaneously.
  • He’s a TEASE. (This is either a positive or negative point depending on how you look at it) In his route, he pins Ichika on the bed and suggested they make love while she’s still wearing the collar).
  • He’s ready to die for you. (Although, this can also be a negative aspect).
  • Although he hinted that he liked other people and had physical and romantic relationships before, he admittedly said that Ichika is the only one who he has ever felt THIS way towards.♥
  • He’s a sweet bean, in his route he buys Ichika a bouquet of flowers as a way of cheering her up and said it’s part of his protection duty.
  • He loves to smile, even if he’s in physical pain.
  • He’s good in dealing with teenagers. In Takeru’s route, he was able to get along well with  Ichika’s brother, Kazuki ~ that they even went to the agency’s christmas party together.
  • He’s a jealous man, which I think is adorable (although this can also be a negative factor too).
  • He’s a good senpai (to Yoshinari).
  • His vows are sacred. In his route, he initially believed that the heroine is worth dying for but in the end realized that she’s also worth living for.
  • He texts with emojis. (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
  • Out of everyone in Collar x Malice, Kei Okazaki maxes your chances of survival. Best boy (imo).


Negative Points ┐(︶▽︶)┌

  • He’s a weirdo at first glance. (He’s my lovely weirdo)
  • He sleeps just about anywhere. In back alleys, outside the detective agency, outside Ichika’s apartment, in the park.
  • Despite acting nice, Kei’s attitude can often turn harsh. He reveals early on that he would give Ichika up for the sake of his duty without blinking an eye.
  • He loves bizarre flavored food such as chocolate-covered cucumbers, sea grape marshmallows, and roe-flavored biscuits because it piques his interests.
  • He’s a harsh senpai (to Yoshinari, poor guy!)
  • He admits that he lies all the time for the sake of successfully fulfilling his SP duties. Although in his route he did have a hard time lying to the heroine.
  • He’s looking for a honorable way to die.
  • He WANTS to die for you. (︶︹︺)
  • In one of his bad endings, he wanted to commit suicide because he failed to protect the heroine.
  • He easily risks his life away for the sake of protecting someone he thinks worthy of it.
  • He’s a jealous man. He got jealous of Aiji in his after story and got peeved with Shiraishi teasing the heroine in his route.



Character Song
Out of all the character songs in Collar x Malice, Kei and Aiji’s stuck to me greatly. Kei’s theme is just so cute, i love it! Props to Yuki Kaji’s adorable singing voice.



Wait…. Did I just rated this man a perfect ten?! Oh ho ho ho
So, I may be bias on this score (cackles) but I really think Kei’s route in CxM was the steamiest! His after story made it obvious that he and Ichika probably did it more than a few times all throughout their relationship.

Code Realize: Future Blessings Review



Release Date:  March 30, 2018 (North America)
Developers:  Idea Factory, Otomate
Publishers:  Idea Factory, Aksys Games
Platforms:  PS Vita, PS4
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)



Code Realize: Future Blessings (first fandisc of the series, Code Realize) are varieties of After stories that took place after the events of the first game, Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth.


Click to read the game’s synopsis here.


This game contains the following stories:

  • White Rose (After Stories) – no choices
  • Lupin’s Gang (Extra Story) – no choices
  • Finis Route (Extra Story) – walkthrough available
  • Herlock Sholmes Route (Extra Story) – walkthrough available


Just like the previous game, Code Realize: Future Blessings’s beautiful artwork were done by the popular Japanese illustrator “Miko” 

The game’s OP and ENDING theme were also arranged by the same composer (Anze Hijiri) and performed by the same artist (Mao) in Guardian of Rebirth. There are three ending themes that unlocks after playing the extra and after stories. My favorite would have to be “My Dearest” by Mao.



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Darius Gordon (VA: Takaya Hashi ) – Lotus (Saint Seya), Kaichou (Hajime No Ippo)

Shirley Gordon (VA: Haruka Yamazaki) – HANA (Collar x Malice)

Avido Crudele (VA: Katsuyuki Konishi)Reiji (Diabolik Lovers) Xeno Gerald (Midnight Cinderella), Ritsu Kisaragi (Kiniro No Corda: Bluesky)

Hansel Hexenhaus (VA: Okamoto Nobuhiko) – Pearl (Black Wolves Saga), Hikaru (Brothers Conflict), Lancelot (Ikerev), Souda Manabo (Collar x Malice)

John H. Watson (VA: Kosuke Toriumi) – Rei Mikuni (Collar x Malice), Hideyoshi (Ikesen), Saito Hajime (Hakuoki), Shuu (Diabolik Lovers), Kagiha (Psychedelica BB)


Recommended play order?
I don’t think there’s one, but I’ve mostly enjoyed playing the game in the order below:

1)Lupin’s Gang
2)Finis Route
3)Herlock Sholmes Route
4)Saint Germain (White Rose)
5)Victor (White Rose)
6)Van Helsing (White Rose)
7)Impey (White Rose)

8)Lupin (White Rose)




Another Story: Lupin’s Gang
This story happened somewhere in the middle of the common route in Guardian of Rebirth. While Cardia was test driving Impey’s newly repaired automobile in the city of London, she ran into a young girl who’s being chased by the Mafia.

Although this one offers more new likable characters and a lengthy playthrough, I find it the least enjoyable among the extra treats of Future Blessings. It does, however, make a REALLY good side story. I enjoy seeing Cardia making new friends (a girl this time) and it was nice to see my CR boys in their black mafia outfits! I feel like “Lupin’s Gang” would make a good Code Realize OVA episode. One can only hope! haha

code realize

New Characters: YES
Angst Level: NONE
Enjoyment Level: 8/10
Fan Service: 7/10



Extra Story: Finis’ Route
The events in Finis’ story commenced right after the last chapter of Cardia’s common route in Guardian of Rebirth. As Cardia decided to leave Saint Germain’s mansion to return to her home in Wales, she’s surprised to find her supposed-to-be dead brother Finis waiting for her at their old abandoned house.

In this route, Cardia tries very hard to help her misguided twin brother Finis realize that they’re not just disposable living dolls but rather an individual capable of loving someone and receiving love in return. As a fan of family relationships in visual novels, I honestly enjoyed Finis’ story. It was very heartwarming and I just love their brother-sister interactions with Cardia.

New Characters: YES
Angst Level: 7/10
Enjoyment Level: 8/10
Fan Service: NONE



Extra Story: Herlock Sholmes Route
Just like Finis’ route, the events of Herlock Sholmes’ story followed after the last chapter of Cardia’s common route in Guardian of Rebirth.

Since Sholmes was one of the prominent characters in the last game that left quite an impression to fans, it was so refreshing to finally play this character’s very own romanceable route. Though it may not seem up to par with the main character’s canon routes, Sholmes’ story was surprisingly good and I love that we get to see a different (clumsy yet cute) side of this handsome detective. image

New Characters: YES
Angst Level: 8/10
Enjoyment Level: 8/10
Fan Service: 8/10



After Story: White Rose
These are “After Stories” that took place right after each main characters’ true ending in Guardian of Rebirth. They do not offer choices, and the play times are rather short compared to the extra stories. You can literally finish a route in just about an hour and a half.

I think Saint Germain’s story, is a good starting route for White Rose as it tells a great introductory detail about getting rid of Cardia’s poison, which pretty much where the whole plot of this after story revolves around. Although playing his route was enjoyable, it is nowhere near as happy as the other characters’ stories. *COUGH* This is Saint Germain we’re talking about here after all…(shrugs) This route, also shows Saint Germain’s possessive and jealous side which I find really adorable but somehow, melancholic at the same time.image


New Characters: YES (Hermes Trismegistus)
Angst Level: 10/10
Enjoyment Level: 8/10
Fan Service: 8/10


Following Victor’s True ending in Guardian of Rebirth, where he found a cure to counteract Cardia’s poison, his after story begins with him and the heroine, both living normal lives in Saint G’s mansion. Everything was peachy keen in this after story until conflict occurs ~ caused by our meddling friends from Idea. Ofcourse! Sigh

While the angst level in this route was pretty up there, it did have its funny moments and I pretty much enjoyed the “wingman talks” with Queen Victoria and Leondhartd ha! I also love how this route showed strong bonds of friendship between the couple and their dear friends who are ALWAYS ready to back them up, no questions asked.


New Characters: NO
Angst Level: 9/10
Enjoyment Level: 8/10
Fan Service: 7/10


Oh… boy…Oh boy…! Get ready for some intense fan girl squealing because this is all you’ll ever get from this routeimage. Van’s White Rose story was purely fan-service and I absolutely love it! ha! *CACKLES* If you’re a Van Helsing trash like myself, you will absolutely enjoy this one, if not…well, you will probably get disappointed due to this story’s lack of plot.

In this route, we’ll get to see Van taking Cardia out on a date, holding hands while window shopping for a wedding dress, lots of kissing, lots of lovey-dovey scenes between him and the heroine. We’ll also get to see their first lover’s misunderstanding where the rest of the gang tries their very best to help yo boi Helsing, be a little less emo. I have to say, I fully enjoyed Impey and Lupin’s “bro talks” and love advises as well as seeing Victor scolding our main vampire hunter not to make ‘their dear princess’ cry again. Awww.image

We waited years to kiss this beautiful man!!!!

New Characters: NO
Angst Level: 8/10
Enjoyment Level: 9/10
Fan Service: 11/10


Impey’s story follows after his True Ending in Guardian of Rebirth where he furthers his research for a way to journey to the moon. Now, with the girl he loves at his side, our genius engineer is confident enough to make his long-term goal happen. However, due to a couple of snags from his “moon project,” he finds unexpected help from old acquaintances and of course his dear friends.

I expected Impey’s White Rose story to be as light-hearted and fun as his first route in Guardian of Rebirth but goodness me…! his story events in Future Blessings were beyond my expectations! It was so good that I felt the “Impey high” while playing it. haha! im probably not making any sense!image Impey’s after-story was probably THE best one in this game. (imo).


New Characters: NO
Angst Level: NONE
Enjoyment Level: 10/10
Fan Service: 10/10


Lupin’s white rose story is split into two parts, the first one was of course, our long-awaited fan service episode where we get to see the couple’s lovey-dovey relationship after their wedding. Second was Cardia wanting to know more about her father, Isaac Beckford.

Because I am all about the fanservice in otome sequels image(laughs), I totally loved Lupin’s after story. Seeing Lupin all flustered and hearing our adorable heroine narrate her true honest feelings about the gentleman thief who stole her heart was absolutely delightful. The second after story, on the other hand, was more on justification in relation to Isaac Beckford’s actions. Although it was already hinted in Guardian of Rebirth that Isaac wasn’t really the wicked man as he was portrayed in the game. This little portion in Future Blessings showed more of his good side, it’s as if the writers are telling us “Hey don’t hate him, he was a good guy” image – straight up! lol It also showed of Cardia Beckford’s happy family which was in a way, satisfying and was technically a nice conclusion to Future Blessing’s finale.


New Characters: NO
Angst Level: NONE
Enjoyment Level: 10/10
Fan Service: 9/10


These are very short episodes of Delacroix II “Delly”  day to day routine living in Saint Germain’s mansion. The episodes are automatically unlocked as you play through the extra and after stories of the game.

It’s about time they give some credit to our adorable little vampire king. I love all of these short episodes, but most of all I love all the CGs that comes with it! image


Enjoyment Level: 10/10
Fan Service: 10/10 (wait til’ you unlock Delly’s last CG!)




I love it! Story-wise, it’s not as grand as the first game. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, then you won’t be disappointed with Future Blessings. All the extras and after stories were exceptionally good and all the new characters were extremely likable ~ they grow on you. I have to say this was definitely one good purchase. For its content and enjoyment level, I think this game deserves recognition as one of the better otoge fandisk localized (I mean we ain’t got a lot anyway, ya know! lol).


Chlo’s Rating: 8/10

Destiny Princess is out on the Nintendo Switch


Late post, but last June 21, 2018, D3P released Destiny Princess for the Nintendo Switch Console.

DESTINY PRINCESS: A War Story, A Love Story

Click here for a list of D3P games available on the switch.
Click here for Destiny Princess’ downloadable content (Nintendo Eshop).

The Story:

You are a princess during Japan’s Warring States period. Loved by your people, you live a peaceful life and want for nothing. However, one day your castle is attacked by hideous demons, and just as the castle is about to fall…

Your wish calls five heroes from different worlds to your time. As the princess, it is your duty to protect your country and your people. Will you risk your life for love?

Just like the Yoshiwara series and Pub Encounter, this game does not offer any VA’s. But they have a couple of good reviews so I believe it’s worth its price tag.

I’m glad I waited for the Switch port to come out before I decided to purchase this one on Steam. Will be reviewing this game as soon as I finish it! tumblr_inline_mm2wf3KnIx1qz4rgp

Code Realize Future Blessings – Herlock Sholmes Walkthrough


NOTE: I highly recommend finishing the first Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, (paticularly, Van Helsing’s route) before jumping into Sholme’s story.

  • Choices in BOLD fonts leads to Happy Ending.
  • Choices in Gray fonts leads to Normal Ending.
  • Choices in Orange fonts leads to Bad Ending.



CHAPTER 1: The Private Detective

(Create Save File 1 here)
Shoulder tackle him and escape
– Herlock Sholmes

(Create Save File 2 here)
– Can’t go home



CHAPTER 2: Jack the Ripper
I want his help
– No need for him to help (NORMAL END)
That may be so
– That’s not it (NORMAL END)



CHAPTER 3: City of Terror
It was my own choice to say
The enemy is the bad one here (NORMAL END)

(Create Save File 3 here)
Hold onto his hand



CHAPTER 4: The Napoleon of Crime
(Choose all)
-Lupin’s room
-Impey’s workshop
-Saint-Germain’s room
-The dining hall

I love him
– I don’t know (NORMAL END)


CHAPTER 5: His Last Bow
– No choices (NORMAL END)


-Happy Ending-





Load Save File 1
– Run as fast as I can


Load Save File 2
– Will go home


Load Save File 3
– Let go of his hand



Code Realize Future Blessings – Finis Walkthrough


NOTE: I highly recommend finishing the first Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, before jumping into Finis’s route.

  • Choices in BOLD fonts leads to Happy Ending.
  • Choices in Gray fonts leads to Normal Ending.
  • Choices in Orange fonts leads to Bad Ending.




CHAPTER 1: Into the Darkness
– Not particularly
– Sentimental (NORMAL END)

(Create Save File 1 here)
– Take his hand



CHAPTER 2: Strange Bedfellows
– Stay in the room
– Try walking outside (NORMAL END)
– Why did you make so many Finises?
-Why did you put this poison inside of me? (NORMAL END)



CHAPTER 3: Desire
-Stay here
-Run Away (NORMAL END)



CHAPTER 4: Finis
(no choices)



CHAPTER 5: Tell me the love
– Finis…
-What of the outside…? (NORMAL END)


-Happy Ending-





Load Save File 1

-Refuse his hand






Pub Encounter “Dandy Shot” is out on the Nintendo Switch!


Yesterday (June 14, 2018) D3Publisher released yet another otome game for the Nintendo Switch console.

I remember purchasing one route of this game on mobile and I’m happy to repurchase it again (the whole game, this time) on the Nintendo Switch.

Click here for a list of D3P games available on the switch.
Click here for Pub Encounter’s downloadable content (Nintendo Eshop).


About this game
It’s a romance game where you can fall in love with one of several middle-aged men. All of them are experienced in life and have their own stories to tell. They may not be young, but they can love as deeply and passionately as anyone.

It’s an odd choice for an otome game to port for the Switch this early but I’m hoping they’ll be able to port more of their Steam otome titles after this one. Some I’m particularly rooting for are:

  • Gakuen Club
  • Destiny Princess


Well now that my DANDY SHOT download is complete, guess who’s jumping on the OJISAAAN bandwagon tonight!? tumblr_mingo3BI321s4tr27o1_400

7’Scarlet Review

NOTE: This review is SPOILER FREE.



Release Date: May 25, 2018 (North America)
Developers:  Toybox Inc, Otomate
Publishers:  Aksys Games
Platforms:  PS Vita
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)



As the second title released by Aksys Games for their Summer of Mystery Promotion, 7’scarlet offers one gripping mystery-solving gameplay amplified with a cute touch of romance.


Hino Kagutsuchi
Isora Amari
Toa Kushinada
Sosuke Tatehira
Yuzuki Murakumo
True Route & Final Character


Read the game’s synopsis here.


Romance and Folklore
Otome Visual Novels are either a hit or a miss when it comes to it’s story narratives. 7’scarlet did one hell of a job foregoing a simple but very intriguing mystery-type plot line while having a few romantic events as an additive to its overarching deep story.

With the help of its unique visuals and animations, playing 7’scarlet was close to watching your favorite anime series.


One of the things I really enjoyed while playing 7’scarlet was the game’s astonishing BG images. It’s just so pretty! ( ´ ▽ ` ). The game’s artist was non-other than, Kurahana Chinatsu an illustrator who’s also famous for her other popular works such as the character designs for Uta no Prince-Sama, Lamento (Beyond the Void), and Togainu no Chi. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


7’Scarlet has two opening themes, “World’s End Syndrome” and “LOVESICK”, you can unlock the latter after finishing a certain route in the game. The BGMs are good too, some are rather simple but very fitting for the game’s setting and transitions. Heck, I ended up buying the whole 7’scarlet soundtrack in iTunes.

One track that  absolutely gave me the feels was the song called “Starry”. You can listen to it below:


Voice Acting

Nobunaga Shimazaki “Hino – Napoleon (Ikevamp), Kurogane Naoto (BlazBlue)Mitsuhide (Sengoku Nightblood)

Tetsuya Kakihara “Isora – Shin (Amnesia), Victor Frankenstein (Code Realize), Karasuba (Pyschedelica BB), Toki Tanba (Charming Empire)

Showtaro Morikubo “Toa – Impey (Code Realize), Reiji (Uta no Prince-sama), Okita (Hakuoki)

Chiharu Sawashiro “Sosuke – Shila (Snow White and the Red hair), Hero (Caligula Effect)

Shinichirou Miki “Yuzuki – Hijikata (Hakuoki), Nesso Galland (Black Wolves Saga), Bucket-Sensei (Bad Apple Wars)

Sanae Kobayashi “Yuki – Sara Nome (Macross Zero), Nagisa (Maid Sama)

Hiroki Yasumoto “Mr. Karasuma – Azrael (BlazBlue), Nidai Nekomaru (Danganropa V3), Hyuga (KLAP)

Hiroki Takahashi “Kagura Tsukuyomi – Rayne (Neo Angelique Abyss), Otohiko (Kamisama Kiss), Koujaku (DRAMAtical Murder)

Daisuke Kishio “Yasu Azusa (Diabolik Lovers), Mizushima Arata (Kiniro no Corda: Bluesky), Kuzuryuu (Danganropa V3)

Chiwa Saito “Yua – Aoi Asahina (Danganropa V3), Taokaka (BlazBlue), Domina (Period Cube), Fate (Caster)




Recommended play order:

3)Toa – only unlocks after finishing Hino and Isora’s good ending
4)Sosuke – only unlocks after finishing Toa’s good ending
5)Yuzuki – only unlocks after finishing all of the character’s good ending


Hino Kagutsuchi

  • Childhood friend
  • Sporty
  • Dork

Hino’s story was cute. Although it had very few spoilers regarding the game’s overarching plot, his route did a great job catering as “build-up” for the oncoming routes and mysteries you’ll get to unravel in the later part of the game. Hino was also rather, an amusing character. I enjoyed the fact that he was physically a jock on the outside but covertly the biggest dork on the inside image(the guy fangirls on ‘kawaii’ things! lol). His romance was a bit more of the generic childhood-friend trope, which I’m not really a big fan of. His route wasn’t my favorite, but it was definitely a good start.



Isora Amari

  • Best Chef
  • Hot tempered
  • Yandere

Just like Hino’s route, Isora’s story offers very few spoilers of the game’s underlying plot but was well written enough to create a very mysterious atmosphere of the town, Okunezato. Isora’s character was also deeper than what I expected and I wished the writers expounded more on the depth of his ‘actions’ (e.g. his hot tempers) rather than just throwing it out there for the heck of it. Despite this, I love Isora Amari’s story. It had great pacing, enough to give you that creep factor you seek in every mystery-themed visual novel. His romance, on the other hand, may not suit everyone’s preferences. Although I personally enjoyed it, I can understand how it may not work for some.



Toa Kushinada

  • Cat mom
  • Color blind
  • such a sweet boi!

So my first impression with Toa was: “Really?! I have to romance this clumsy nerd, seriously, game?”. Then I started playing his route just to get it over with and  I did not expect the sudden turn of events! 

As I’ve probably mentioned repeatedly in my previous reviews… I absolutely love it when a game catches you off guard, and this character’s arc takes the cake! I couldn’t talk more about his story without going into spoiler territory so I’ll leave it at this: Toa was such a great character and he deserves all the love in the world! Best boy (imo), one that’s definitely unforgettable. (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚



Sosuke Tatehira

  • Smart
  • Neat freak!
  • Best Doctor
  • OC!

If there was one route that got me at the edge of my seat in 7’scarlet ~ it was definitely Sosuke’s. His story had great pacing where it started off very light then surprisingly escalated into a few puzzling events. His route also introduced a more definitive and deeper story regarding the mysteries surrounding the town of Okunezato. While the suspense was a little overwhelming in this route, I’ve got to say, the romance never took a back seat and I commend the writers for doing one hell of a job for this. His relationship with the heroine felt genuinely real and I love both his and Ichiko’s character development. I also loved the fact that Sosuke was such a neat freak and becomes very obsessive-compulsive about something so simple such as a goldfish scooping game! (rofl)



Yuzuki Murakumo

  • Intense boss
  • Tsundere

While the suspense was building up in Sosuke’s previous route, Yuzuki’s story, on the other hand, was a powerhouse of everything (thrill, drama, a few action-packed scenes, and some romantic fluffs) …And although it happened so fast, all at the same time, I was so happy that the events picked up pretty well and didn’t come out too forced nor too overwhelming with information. I personally love Yuzuki’s character. He is cold and irritable on the outside but inside his icy personality is one very warm, fluffy husbando!  His story was probably the most compelling one as far as solving the mysteries of Okunezato go.



Ichiko Hanamaki (You)

  • amnesiac heroine (explained in ??? ‘s route)
  • hates strawberries (explained in ??? ‘s route)
  • can’t swim (explained in ??? ‘s route)

hanamakiDespite the the main protagonist’s naivety and recklessness to a point where you’d clearly have to question this heroine’s sense of danger (rofl), image Ichiko Hanamaki had a couple of good points up her sleeve such as her strong will and determination to look for her disappeared older brother, in spite of being absolutely clueless on where to begin. Another enjoyable aspect was how this heroine sometimes gets shamelessly clumsy in declaring her love to the gentleman of her liking. She had a couple of funny moments that got me all “lol guuurl, wtf ” ~ she’s definitely not the best MC all around (nor even close) but I had fun playing her.



And it gets better…
So the story doesn’t really end there. After finishing Hino, Isora, Toa, Sosuke, and Yuzuki’s route. Two more routes unlock in this game.

Who is the culprit?image
Another factor why this game was so entertaining to me was that it reminded me of playing Mafiascum.

As someone who’s been playing mafiascum online for a long time, the game’s conclusion was somewhat predictable but I’ve got to admit, it was one gripping read and the “True Ending” was painfully heartbreaking.




7’scarlet is a very well written mystery themed visual novel. While the story was so simple, the events were paced so good that every chapter you unlock kept the suspense spellbinding enough to keep you going. Truth be told, I did not expect I’d get so attached to this game. It’s really one compelling read. I couldn’t get over it for maybe a week (laughs).

The animation and movie clips of 7’scarlet made this game more entertaining. Though without it, the game still excels as one of the better otome visual novels that were localized this year (story-wise). I guess my only gripe was that some of the main characters lacked development and I believe, there were a few instances where some scenes seemed a little shoehorned  (esp. in Isora’s story). I also wished they did more with the last secret route as the ending felt rushed and lacking. (shrug) 

Nonetheless, I still thoroughly enjoyed playing it, and have no regrets purchasing the game at its full price.

This game is by no means, a dating sim. That said, I do believe that you have to get invested with the mystery plotline to enjoy 7’scarlet best.

Do I recommend this game? YES
With its unforgettable story that will rob you of words, I feel like this game deserves some recognition. Really. If you fancy a visual novel where you get to solve urban legend cases while dating a few mysterious but handsome ikemens, 7’scarlet is a perfect choice. 



Chlo’s Rating: 7/10

The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya – Hayabusa Walkthrough


HAYABUSA – your childhood sweetheart courtesan

NOTE: This guide is for the SUPER HAPPY ENDING. To get the HAPPY ENDING CG,simply start from Chapter 13 (likability should be  at 0%). It shouldn’t matter what your last two choices are. 



Chapter 1
-Do you need some help?
-I’m not a crybaby anymore



Chapter 2
-I was thinking about the past
-Will we meet again?




Chapter 3
-I want to call you Hayato
-I could never laugh at you




Chapter 4
-You’re a jerk
-I will




Chapter 5
-I wish I hadn’t gone to sleep
-I remember too




Chapter 6
-I’m sorry




Chapter  7
-Takao’s such a good person…
-Do you want to go to the mainland too?




Chapter 8
-I’m sorry, Hayato
-I wouldn’t know




Chapter 9
-Hold onto his kimono
-Do you have any candy with you today?




Chapter 10
-He’s lying!
-You’re not mad at me?




Chapter 11
-Do you think Hayato’s like that too?
-Panic and move away from Hayato




Chapter 12
-He’s not scary
-I’ll do something for you




Chapter 13
-Then it was useful?


-Super Happy Ending-

7’scarlet – True Route and Final Character Route

True Route

NOTE: This route unlocks after clearing Yuzuki’s route.

(Start NEW GAME and select “True Route” on Scenarios)


August 7

-The women’s bath

August 8

(no choices)



Bonus Scene
NOTE: This scene only unlocks after completing  this game’s True Route.

(Start a NEW GAME and select Toa’s Happy Ending on Scenarios)

-Read short monologue after the credits





Congratulations! You have unlocked Hanate’s Route!

(Start NEW GAME and select “Hanate Yatsukami’s Route” From the beginning)


August 3

-Check the bell by the door
-Check the staff room
-Check the couch

August 4

-Light a match





Congratulations you have completed the game! If you have any questions regarding my 7scarlet guide, feel free to contact me here.



7’scarlet – Yuzuki Murakumo Walkthrough



NOTE: This route unlocks after completing the other character’s happy ending.


(Start NEW GAME and choose Yuzuki Murakumo’s Route from Scenarios)


August 3

-Those flowers are beautiful
-Ignore him

August 4

-Stay silent
-Be quiet

August 5


(Create Save File 1 here)
-I was so scared

(Create Save File 2 here)
-Ask him what happened to Tsuzuri

(Create Save File 3 here)
-I’m not sure


August 6

(no choices)


August 7

-Is it Yasu?


August 8

(no choices)


August 9

(Create Save File 4 here)
-Throw something





Tragic Love Endings:

Load Save File 3

-I do
-Is it you, Yuzuki?
-Throw something
-Tragic Love Ending 1

TIP: After clearing the True Route, go back to Yuzuki’s route and unlock his Tragic Love Ending 2

Load Save File 3 (this ending unlocks after clearing True Route)

-I do
-Is it you, Yuzuki?
-Throw something
-Stare at it
-Tragic Love Ending 2



Load Save File 1

-You’re late
-Ask him what happened to Tsuzuri
-I do
-Is it you, Yuzuki?
-Throw something
-Bad End 1


Load Save File 2 

-Ask him about the Ensepulchers
-Bad End 2


Load Save File 4

-Run away
-Bad End 3



TIP: The True Route unlocks after completing Yuzuki’s happy ending.