Yoosung Kim

NOTE: (Late Post!) I wrote this a few months back after getting all of Yoosung’s good/normal and bad endings.


Yoosung was my first route in Mystic Messenger. I got him accidentally while I was aiming for Zen. Ngl, I felt so disappointed when I saw his picture pop out of the chat pre window screen on Day 5. My first impression of him was the typical boring character that you usually play last or better yet not touch his route at all. Boy! was I mistaken or what! purrs… tumblr_inline_mm2wbaeqQM1qz4rgp

♡Tips to win Yoosung’s heart♡ :

  • Take his side whenever another RFA member teases him.
  • Compliment him and encourage him to do his best.
  • Calm him down when he’s feeling a little angsty.
  • Do not flirt with ZEN! nyan(just try your hardest not to lol) image
  • Don’t let him blame V in almost everything.
  • Give him good advice, but try not to discourage him too much about his gaming addiction.
  • Let him take up a decision for himself and support him.
  • Don’t dis Rika in the chatroom esp. when he’s around.




Understanding Yoosung
Yoosung is the youngest RFA member (20 yrs. old) and the most innocent in the gang. With that said, he is very easy to please and is mostly overjoyed when you compliment him. He tries his best to woe you by being so blatantly honest with his feelings (I actually find this really cute! meow) and tries his hardest to act “all manly” for you when he hears you’re in danger. 

I admit that I got really annoyed the first few days of his route because of his unintentional obsessions with Rika, his hate for V (as Rika’s fiance) and how he constantly compares you to her. But later on, I kind of understood all his pain. tumblr_inline_mrj6r8Dm0P1qz4rgp His unhealthy gaming habits was his way of coping up with his personal issues in life. The boy is simply undergoing a pre mid-life crisis where he’s absolutely not sure what he wants to do with his life and was merely just going with the flow. I do think that he had feelings for Rika but this does not border on any kind of romantic feelings as everyone speculated it to be, no. image

MC (through text)_ Did you like Rika_

I’d like to think that Rika was his role model, the first girl he looked up to and respected dearly because of the positive impact she made in his life. This also explains how he only wants to see the good side of Rika and hearing her faults and imperfections from others sent him on a total emotional breakdown. tumblr_inline_mo53fse2fa1qz4rgp Poor baby bean!


Because of his lack of experience in romantic relationships (NGSB: No Girlfriend Since Birth), he is totally oblivious of the fact that his admiration for you (MC) was different from his with Rika’s and this is where the turning point of his route got good: When he finally realizes his romantic feelings for you and that you are everything to him! Squeee! image He gets clingy after that too. ^^


What I like about Yoosung’s Route


Yoosung’s route feels really natural, you won’t even need a walkthrough to get to his good ending. Just simply be nice to him as if you’re texting your first college cutie crush who just recently asked you out. He does have this kind of vibe. lol image

Although his character is flawed for the most part, his character development was the most realistic. He won me over with his pure naivety and lack of experience. It’s just too cute for words!  image I’m giving him adorable points  for:

  • his ultimate honesty in almost everything (sharing his embarrassing story to you about having a hole in his socks. lmao)image
  • calling you every single day, telling you he misses you.
  • checking up on you to make sure you’ve already eaten meals.
  • asking you to be his pre-girlfriend. Aww ^^
  • changing his outlook in life overtime to prove to everyone, he’s a suited match for a woman like you. image




I also feel that his love for you (MC) was very genuine.

_The fact that you are my first and last girl_



For this route’s sexy meter, I’d give it an over all 7.  Like I said, his lack of experience is cuteness overload, but his obsession with Rika at the start really bugged me so i really dunno. His after story and his valentines special episodes did redeem some of his good qualities, but to me, it somehow felt lacking when it comes to the ‘romantic aspect’. Perhaps it’s because I kept comparing it to the other guy’s after stories like Zen’s, Jumin’s and Seven’s. Hmm I’ll probably give this route another go and see if it’ll change my mind about Yoosung but for now, I’ll leave it at that.  tumblr_inline_mo53fpDDzH1qz4rgp


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