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Note: I started writing this review while I was in the middle of playing Yukimura’s route. Now that I’ve finished both his endings, I don’t think I will ever get over this character! Even now that I’m playing another route in Ikesen, my heart still aches everytime I see him pop out as a side character on my screen, Cybird what have you done to me!!!!image

*Deep Breath* Ahh Yuki… my lovely tsundere bae Yuki, where do I even begin with you. Yukimura was my third route in Ikemen Sengoku. As someone who started on routes involving very dominant Azuchi warlords (Nobunaga as my first and Masamune, second), playing Yukimura’s story was definitely a different experience. If I had to stereotype his character, Yukimura would be one of those guys that sends you mixed signals, you just couldn’t tell what’s on his mind. This guy is a handful and it’s solely up to you to figure him out and to keep up with the chase.

I guess I’m one of the few who enjoys chasing after difficult men, lmao! image So it was easy for me to relate to the MC’s feelings in Yuki’s story. This guy totally drove me crazy, gave me so much angst and sent my emotions on a whirl… Still, I couldn’t get enough of him!



Warning:  If you have not played nor finished Yukimura’s route, only proceed if you don’t mind reading major spoilers from the game. Thanks! image

Disclaimer: All Ikesen images used below are screenshots from the game, Ikemen Sengoku originally owned by Cybird.


You owe him your life more than once
You first encounter this dashing man when he rescued you from falling off a cliff (Prologue Story). In his route, you get to meet him again in Azuchi where he introduced himself as a travelling merchant. During your second meeting with him, you were both cornered by a band of mean bandits where he ends up rescuing you again after he effortlessly beat up those nasty thugs.

_Make ure to stay behind me...I promise I'll protect you!_ (1)


Complicated Introductions
Both of you lied about each other’s true identities. While he posed as a travelling merchant, giving you only the first two syllables of his name (Yuki), you’ve also made it more complicated by telling him your made up story of being a seamstress who found a job in Azuchi, when you’re actually Nobunaga’s chatelaine.

Your first date was too good for words (Premium Story)
So you decided to go to a shrine festival one day with Yuki, after he ‘awkwardly‘ invited you.image As the date went smooth, you realized that you’ve fallen for him, completely. You wanted to tell him how you feel and that you cared for him so much but the words just struggled to come out of your mouth. You ended up staring at him making this pitiful face which apparently turned him on.

then comes the good part…image

After seeing your cute face that got him all fired up, he started striding away from the festival crowd holding your hand tight and dragging you along with him. He lead you to a quiet grove of sacred trees and you realized that both of you are now alone.. You started asking him questions but he leans in for a kiss instead! OMG YASS! image

…But the fireworks from the festival interrupted his (kissing) moment and you got distracted for a bit. Although, this really didn’t stopped him from doing what he intended to do…!image

Your first kiss with him under the fireworks was utterly amazing! ❤


…And it didn’t stopped him from wanting more either! nyan! image


Realizing that both of you had to part ways after, he told you to meet with him the next day at the same place and he’ll tell you something really important.

Actually, if it’s too important why not say it now?!! Really now, this guy drives you cuckoo!

Unexpected Encounters
As war unexpectedly approached too soon. Both the Oda forces and Takeda-Uesugi combined had to head out to battle soon. That said, Yuki had to go abrubtly, leaving you with only a love letter tied in a tree telling you he’s sorry and that he’ll come see you soon. But then your stud boss wants you to march to battle with him with the belief that you will bring him good luck.  Err…thanks Nobu! image


****** This line indicates the start of NSFW content

Soon after, you met with Yukimura on the battlefield where he clashed swords with your boss in front of you. (Surprise! He’s not a merchant after all, but your hottie enemy warlord!)

…And ofc you decided to go on a secret rendezvous with him the night after. Guess where he takes you? *drum rolls* the woods!!! 

At this point, I’m starting to think that Yukimura may have some forest-kink in him or something idk! haha!image


He confronts you about your real identity and how both of you are now sworn enemies. You tell him that’s not true as you don’t consider him your foe but your potential lover and confessed your true feelings for him…  It’s now or never! Go git it gurl! 

…next thing you know you are laying on the grass with him on top of you!image

OH MY LORD! *sweats like a sinner on church*

As your heated bodies became one that night, you eventually fell asleep with him in the forest, naked!

Next morning, he became a total jerk!
You woke up lying silly on the grass in the middle of the sacred trees all alone, feeling betrayed and used.

Did I just let this dude bang me in the woods last night & then he chooses to abandon me  the morning after!???!  I felt like a total slut! 

******This line indicates the end of NSFW content

So you hurried your little self back to the Oda camp before everyone finds out your lil’night swing with the enemy but then you ran in to your ninja friend Sasuke. image

Sneaking back into Nobunaga’s camp the morning after Yukimura rawed you in the woods but you run into Sasuke

  Meme above originally posted by the user, san-maeda from

To make matters worse, Sasuke gives you a reality check, as if making your situation any better… no it doesn’t! …but thanks anyway Sasuke!

OUCH! Rub it in why don’t ya?!

But as a concerned friend, he tells you, he can set you and Yukimura up for another quick secret meeting later today… and that’s all you really need to get your broken heart patched up. Then again, it’s easier said than done.image


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Ngl, imagethis got me sobbing for a hot minute. I am really feeling MC’s plight on this one. I didn’t even cared how he never said sorry for leaving you alone after what transpired in the woods last night…nor even brought it up. Seeing Yukimura say his last goodbye so casually breaks my heart into pieces!



Something to think about
What I really like about the the MC in Yukimura’s route was of how persistent she is and how she never gave up trying to win his man’s heart. It really goes to show how she’s totally head over heels in love with her dignified crimson warrior.  I mean, I don’t blame her… if I were in her shoes, I would probably do the same thing, perhaps even more desperate?! HAHAHAHA! image

Star-Crossed Lovers?
Your romance with Yukimura’s is one good example of the archetypal star-crossed lovers, image(with a little bit of twist). The odds were clearly against your relationship from the start knowing both your sides are enemies in the battlefield and to make matters worse, you are not from his time, all the more making your romantic relationship with him incredibly difficult.

But as good things come to those who never give up. Your perseverance from chasing after him paid off. Your reward? His eternal love. image


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Anime Characters (Reverse Harem) similar to Yukimura
While I was playing Yukimura’s route, I couldn’t help but notice his characteristics are little bit similar to Fushigi Yuugi’s lead guy, Tamahome. Personally, I am not a fan of Tama in the series but I do love the FS saga to heart. He starts off really doubtful with his relationship with you, gets easily discouraged knowing both of you can never be together. Tries to break up with you a few times without saying a single explanation although his actions speaks otherwise; gets intimate with you before saying his last goodbye. It’s the same pattern Tamahome had towards his love interest, Mi-chan at the start of the (FS) series.



From the get go, these type of characters are very hard to keep up with, they are torn between their principles in life versus their happiness.  The key to win their heart is to chase after them, giving them your all, tooth and nail image and never giving up on them no matter the circumstances… With this, you place them on a spellbound where they fall MADLY in love with you after. image


I was fighting the urge of giving Yukimura the perfect 10 for his sexy meter but just so I’m not biased image lol, I believe he is suited a rating of 9. He’s not only physically well built and handsome but the fact that he gets turned on at you and does not mind doing it out in the open (in the forest, in the woods, in the ruins lmao) image goes to show how he’s always  in the mood for some lovin’ and I find that really hot. Too hot.





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  1. Hello!! Thank a lot for this review!! It helped me decide to purchase the premium route for this first kiss 😍. Did you purchase the premium route for any other parts of yukimura’s story? I’m at the one where he says goodbye and I can’t decide if I should buy it or not!! Also for his future premium routes, any particular good ones I should save for instead?

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    1. Hello Sarah,
      Thanks for the comment! I umm, purchased all premiums for his entire route and I believe it is worth it, if he’s your type. hihihi For his ending, I’d say, the dramatic ending is better than the romantic one! ^_^


    1. So glad you enjoyed this article (more like my ramblings realy lol). I’m happy to see more Yukimura fans, he’s such an underrated ikemen tbh! XD


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