Note: I wrote this review a few months back after I re-played all of Zen’s bad, normal and good endings.


So let’s talk about Zen in Mystic Messenger. Zen is the beginners’ recommended route for first time MM players. He wasn’t my first (pun intended), but after finishing his story I can tell why his’ was the most suggested starting route to take.

Zen’s story was probably the most refreshing among all the routes in MM. It had less  angst, image and was more focused on the k-drama romantic comedy trope. My first impression of Zen was this conceited, narcissistic airhead.  His “I-am-so-beautiful-god-has-made-a-mistake-creating-me” attitude annoyed me to the bone. I guess I have low tolerance to flattering beautiful men.image

But as the saying goes, first impressions doesn’t always last, nyanimage and this was a huge turn around in his route which got me pretty much head over heels falling for him eventually in the end. Damn it! 


Zen is a complete Narcissist

Untitled design
tumblr_inline_mo53fpDDzH1qz4rgp…and he has the right to be. I mean, just look at him. It is no doubt that he’s a total hottie! With his god tier features, his heavenly selfies will knock your panties off the chatroom. image But setting that aside, the key to actually win his affection is to keep complimenting him with his looks and how perfect he is which gets too cringy at some point but if you have the patience to keep up with it, you’ll get to see a different & very romantic side of him and let me tell you, it is absolutely worth it!





Zen is a BIG FLIRT ♡

As Zen’s love interest, you will eventually get sexy calls from him. Zen is a massive flirt btw and I freakin love it!!! nyan. One thing I like about Lovely Zenny is that he’s very straightforward with his feelings and doesn’t shy away even in the presence of other RFA members in the chatroom. His sweet talks will get you blushing before you know it! image


…play along & flirt back with him and you’ll get some of his naughty side. *wink*



Zen doesn’t want to have secrets from you
So this beautiful man eventually falls for you hard (in a span of five days! lol) image and becomes an open book. With that said, he doesn’t want to keep secrets from you. image When he revealed his backstory in Day 7, I couldn’t help but feel bad about his rough relationship with his folks and how he struggled while starting out his career on his own, working two jobs just to make ends meet.image My poor Zenny!

I think it’s quite adorable for Zen to reveal this emotional side of him. His backstory also explains his raging attitude towards Jumin and why he doesn’t like him. During Day 9, if you’ve made the correct choices in the game, you’ll get to see a couple of enjoyable VNs between Zen and Jumin.^^


Zen telling Seven, you’re inside his room doing god knows what lmao


Zen is a  jealous man! image
After you met him the first time, he tells the other RFA members that you are basically his (and they better back the hell off). He gets too overprotective (which is kind of nice imo^^), gets really angry when he finds out you’re in danger, gets way too pushy including badgering Seven, convincing him to reveal your address so he can come to your aid.

“All Men Are Wolves”
If you’ve played Jumin’s route, Zen also gets majorly jealous of  Jumin for getting to see you first. He’s also the only guy that will keep calling you on the phone every night whenever you’re stuck alone in a place with another man (Jumin and Seven’s route are examples). Even if it’s not his route, lovely Zen will keep reminding you to be cautious with another man because no matter how much you trust them, all men are wolves so to speak! Awooo!image


He takes pride of being your “knight in shining armor” – and does a pretty good job at it too, meow!.image


Zen doesn’t like you wearing skimpy dresses or clothes that are “too revealing” (he hates it when other guys are eyeing at you)


Overall Satisfaction with this route?
I’m not gonna deny that I fully enjoyed this route as a whole. Zen’s character is a breathe of fresh air. He’s hilarious, true to his word and gets pretty steamy with his teases at times (which is my fav part of his personality). My only gripe with Zen’s story was his good ending… Uhm, there were so many unresolved agenda like the whereabouts of V and Seven not showing up in the final VN. The after story did not explain any of this either which was a total let down. image His Valentines Day story was nice, but I was hoping for a marriage proposal in the end and was so disappointed that it did not happen. SOB! WHYYYY! . image



With Zen’s extreme gorgeousness and dominant personality, I would’ve rated him a perfect 10 if it weren’t for his narcissistic attitude, but I think a score of 9 is enough to satisfy our silver haired sexy prince to put him at the top of his game. ^^;;

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