So… About Jumin Han


Whelp! I have fallen madly in love with Mr. Trustfund kid and I don’t know If I can get over this curse!

Forgive me for rambling, but yeah I’ve sort of become a Jumin Trash recently. I’ve played 707’s route (which as per MM fandom survey, considered the best route in Mystic Messenger) and now I’m about to start Ray’s but idk… I feel like the rest of these routes doesn’t even come close to that kind of anticipation I got not to mention the  uproar of emotions that shook me while playing Jumin’s story.image




Alright, before ya’ll start spewing hate banters on how bad this character is in other routes, let’s take in to consideration that Jumin is not the perfect bachelor, not even close (although a jumin-trash like me would beg to differ! nyan). To begin with, he is a very flawed man who had zero emotional understanding towards others. He was raised to be a corporate heir with little to no regard of his own feelings. This explains his robotic ways of handling things and how he’s emotionally repressed his entire life. The only friend who treated him like a normal human being (and not as a privileged child) was V… Then Rika, who’s probably the only woman he opened up to prior to MC. What happens next? He lost both of them (V and Rika). Rika was assumed dead while V grew distant from everyone after Rika passed away. Imagine having to bottle up all these pent up feelings of severe depression and anger of losing your loved ones and resume life like nothing tragic ever happened?image

Jumin Han was a broken man from the start, he is not emotionally stable and what he really needed was someone to understand him and at the same time teach him how to control his suppressed emotions the right way. This man needs to love and be loved in return. This man needs to be genuinely happy.image


During his route(deep story), Jumin became more (emotionally) unstable when his father chose to side with his new girlfriend (Glam Choi) and decided Jumin’s marriage (through Glam’s influence) on a whim without his consent. Jumin knew all through out his life that his father had shortcomings and that he wasn’t perfect, still he respects the old man as a parent who’s always there to support his son. After feeling betrayed by his father’s actions Jumin seeks out emotional help but had no one to turn to.

When MC came in to the picture and started providing Jumin the support he needed, this man felt very overwhelmed with the simple attention he’s getting from her. Take note, this is the first time someone actually showed him TLC. The only company he had prior to MC was Elizabeth 3rd who’s merely a cat and although Rika had her share of understanding Jumin’s feelings before, she was still in a relationship with V at the time so I dont think that counts?

“When a jar overfills, It breaks eventually”
When Jumin started opening up to MC. No one expected this huge tidal wave of emotions from him and I hate the fact that he’s being judged off of that.


It is fairly hard to control one’s emotions after being locked up for so long. Jumin has a more stressful life than he lets on. He’s lonely, he’s afraid, he needs someone to help him untangle the strings he’s caught up with for the longest of time. He becomes overprotective and possessive at some point because he’s afraid he’ll lose you, the only person in the world that finally understood him. He’s afraid to go back to his miserable lonely state he was so good at hiding. He was lost and you found him.

So yeah, this character is deeper than his route will ever be… but I’ll stop yappin’ now before I go off on a tangent. (Chuckles)image


His bad endings does not define him
Think about it, who made the choice that eventually lead to his bad ending? Nothing ever comes good when you provoke a hurting, emotionally unstable man. Unless you think his bad ending was good, then that’s a whole different story.image



If you’re looking for reasons why Jumin is the perfect husbando, here’s a post that nailed it right in the head.

What struck me more while playing his route was realizing that there is no Jumin Han irl.image SOB!!!*Let me curl up in a corner and just fantasize some more*

I cant justify enough the perfect score above without going off on a deep endimage, so I’ll just leave it here for other Jumin fans to fill in. ^^




6 thoughts on “So… About Jumin Han

    1. I agree. I recently finished Ray’s and i felt its not as good as Jumin’s or Seven. I havent touched V’s yet… been hearing not so good reviews about it (too ‘angsty’). But it’d be interesting to know his side of the story 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the heads up! Yea, been hearing the same feedback regarding V’s good end. Like fans were left hanging saying “Is this it?!” lol ~reason im not really in a hurry to touch his route. XD

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