The Charming Empire (Third Otome Game for the Switch)


The Charming Empire

Release Date: Mar. 29, 2018
Digital Download of the NSwitch Game here.

…and we have another one folks! Thanks to D3Publisher, they have now ported, yet another otome game for the Nintendo Switch! Rejoice Otome game fans! image

Set in the Taisho Roman era of Japanese history, the game starts when you (the heroine), a woman of normal social status, is summoned to live in the Royal Palace of the Empire where you’ll meet five guys who will sweep you off your feet as well as unravel some hidden secrets of the empire and learn that it might not be as joyful as it seems.

Unlike the Men of Yoshiwara games, this one offers complete voice actors, YASS! I was so happy I had to write a massive thank you email to D3P!  nyan! image
I’ve just recently picked up this game so I’ve yet to play any of the routes. I was thinking of starting with Koichiro since his voice was too sexy for attention.image

Game Trailer:


Will be reviewing the game soon once I finish all the routes. tumblr_inline_mm2wbc3c2h1qz4rgp

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